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Treason of Caelestrasz
Treason is an original Caelestrasz guild. It was created soon after the server opened to new character creation in February of 2008. We are a semi-casual Guild, our focus is on endgame raids with an emphasis on fun and adventure.

Treason has previously run as a 25-Man guild, however at this time Treason will be raiding in 10-Man content only. Treason is currently seeking reliable, friendly and self-sufficient players to build a couple of solid 10-Man teams. If you would like to be a part of this, apply on the left side of this page! As we gain more members, Treason will assess member availability and consider progressing on to 25-Man raids.

Gear and experience is a plus but it is a good attitude and friendly disposition that we value most!

Please register using your main characters name only.

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Sindragosa < Queen of the Frost Brood >
17/06/2010 06:42 PM by Unclemage
Sindragosa < Queen of the Frost Brood >

Sindragosa is spending time chilling out.
The queen is Dead - Long live the King (Not)
Well done everyone!

Sindragosa < Queen of the Frost Brood > (10man)

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